I Am A Home: A Charismatic Poem

Mel LK
1 min readNov 11, 2021

I asked Spirit,
“Why can I still utter
Your words after
all these years?”

She responded,
“No matter where you go,
no matter your church,
no matter your beliefs,
no matter who you are:
I am with you.
I made a home in you.
And you can hear My words
anytime you want.”

She does not care
about my theology
about my sexuality
about how often I
follow their rules.

She never did.

She brings me tongues
of fire to keep me warm
on a cold winter journey.

A portable furnace
A confusing, lesser gift
A deep groaning of words
when I cannot form my own
A wild wind that blows,
weaving inside my
holy temple at
every stage
of life.

A light switch I can flip on
at my heart’s desire
A perpetual reminder:
I am not alone.

When I have no home,
I am a home.

I must tell others:
You are a home, too.



Mel LK

Married lesbian leftist foster mom who loves Jesus. Incoming doctorate student with an LMSW. Book lover.